Mini Tour Member Perspective...

This will be my sixth and final season as a member of the Raiders.

By: Jason Lopez

I'm having so much fun with the music this year and I love conducting this group of people. I came to the corps in 2011 playing trumpet with the only experience I had was a couple years of high school marching band. I wasn't the best in the section and I was scared to talk because I never really knew anyone. Every year I come back I meet a whole new group, some familiar faces still left but most people you don't really get close to until about May or June.

As the years go by, I get stronger, I am becoming a leader in the eyes of those new faces and I feel active about situations rather than reactive because I've seen almost all situations in this corps and the activity in general that most people don't get to see in a year or 2 that they are here for.

I've marched with plenty of great musicians and marchers here at the Raiders. Since I've been here, I've had close friends go to great World Class corps and they do great things for their organizations. The Raiders will always have a great track record of making the ordinary band student into a successful individual and that's what makes this corps a great place to march. I just wish after this year I could just do it One More Time.