Meals on Wheels

2017 Meal Sponsorship Program

Initiated in 2009, the success of this program has created an annual event to help fuel our performers.

For each meal, we feed a total of 110 members, staff and volunteers. On average, it costs $100 to serve breakfast, $200 for each lunch and $300 for each dinner.

We are looking for sponsorship for breakfasts, lunches and dinners. We are also offering Gatorade sponsorships of $50 this year.


Here's how it works...

Select either breakfast, lunch or dinner.  The donor will be acknowledged on the meal line. The menu board will display the meal and the donor at the kitchen truck and food table. We will also post your donation on our social media outlets.   

Due to time and location constraints, we can no longer guarantee sponsorship of specific meals. Kindly choose breakfast, lunch or a dinner to sponsor. The only specific sponsorships available are the specialty meals. Please add a note on the donation page and/or send an email to DeLano Bonner ( to confirm your choice.

Thank you to sponsors thus far...

Gatorade Sponsorship $50

The Laskoski Family - Parents of 2017 Member Peter Laskoski

Kosson/Spielberg - Parents of 2017 Member, Valerie Spielberg Kosson


Breakfast Menu $100

Examples: Pancakes, Eggs, Waffles, French Toast and Sausage, Bagels, Cereal 

Varga Family - Parents of 2017 Raider, Jackson Varga

Heather Staines - Parent of 2017 Raiders, Liam Staines

Kosson Talent

John Sullivan - Parent of 2017 Member, Kelly Sullivan

Rita Krueger - Parent of 2017 Member, Fiona Pollack

The Ware Family - Parents of 2017 Member, David Ware

Adrienne Fletcher - Parent of 2017 Member, Nathan Williams

Amy McGrew - Parent of 2017 Member, Tucker McGrew

Isabel Baquiran - Parent of 2016 Member, Victoria Baquiran

Kevin Osborn

The Harris Family - Parents of 2017 Member, Lauren Ryder-Harris



Lunch Menu $200

Examples: Hamburgers & Hot Dogs, Mac & Cheese, Cold Cuts Subs, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Chicken Patties, Tacos

Doreen Sandor - Alumni Parent

Leva Zake - Parent of 2017 Member, Morris Gelbart

The Winters Family - Parents of 2017 Member, Max Winters

Phil Bigelow - Member of A+ Board of Directors

The Miller Family - Parents of 2017 Member, Hank Miller

Jennifer Young - Parent of 2017 Member, Theo Young

Marilyn Kutcher

Joyce Baker - Grandparents of 2017 Member,  Hank Miller

The Stewart Family - Parents of 2017 Member, Nick Stewart

Cheryl Legrand - Family of 2017 Member, Sara Oldfield

The Gibson Family, Parents of 2017 Member, Julia Gibson

The Pollack Family - Parents of 2017 Member, Fiona Pollack


Dinner Menu $300 (Sides & Dessert Included)

Examples: Ziti, Chicken and Potatoes, Enchiladas, Sloppy Joes, Meatloaf, Spaghetti and Meatballs, Sausage, Peppers and Onion Sandwiches, Meatball Sandwiches 

Mike Hicks - Alumni Parent

Ali Mellott - 2012 Alumni Member

Christianson Family - Parents of Alumni, Aaron Christianson

The Buchanan Family - Parents of 2017 Member, Devon Buchanan

Mary Gelbart - Parents of 2017 Member, Morris Gelbart

The Harris Family - Parents of 2017 Member, Lauren

The Vilardi Family, Parents of 2017 Member, Katherine Vilardi

The Goble Family, Parents of 2017 Member, Matt Goble

Carol Hadden - Grandparent of 2017 Member, Devon Buchanan



The 3 "Special" meals to be sponsored are:


"Good Luck Send Off Pizza Party"  

$500 - All you can eat pizza & salad

The Bernieri Family - Parents of 2017 Member, Joe Bernieri


"Post Prelims Seafood Night"  

$500 - All you can eat shrimp, salad dessert

The Lockard Family - Parents of 2017 Member, Joseph Lockard 


"Steak Night" 

$750 - Steak, potatoes, & dessert

Marian L. Ryder - Grandparent of 2017 Member, Lauren


"Thanksgiving Dinner"

 $1,000 -Turkey & All the fixins', and way too much dessert!

The Bestreski Family - Alumni Parents

Joelle Scales - Alumni

To sponsor one of our remaining meals, contact DeLano Bonner via email at or pay directly by going here.