Sponsorship Opportunities

The Raiders Drum And Bugle Corps is a non-profit performing arts organization whose mission is to provide an education and performing arts program for youth through a positive environment that emphasizes character and social development, leadership, self-discipline, and the pursuit of excellence.

As an all-volunteer, 501c(3) organization, annual fundraising is critical to our ability to execute on our mission for each season.  The youth participants pay a “tuition” to participate, but the Raiders pride themselves on being one of the most affordable DCI marching options in the country and do everything within our ability to provide this experience to financially disadvantaged youth.

As a result, most of our fundraising supports operational costs, leaving most of the capital improvements and related costs unfulfilled.  Therefore, philanthropic donations are critical to help cover this type of need, of which we currently have several:

Sponsor the Raiders new uniforms

The Raiders are looking to be the best open class corps in DCI and to do that they need to look as good as they sound.  With your support we can raise the funds needed to purchase new uniforms and get them looking and feeling good!

We will dance for you. ;)

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Meals on Wheels


Ever tried to feed 100+ hungry kids in 2 hours? You need great volunteers and a great food truck.  We have great volunteers, we need a food truck to support them!  Are current truck has seen decades of service to not only us, but other organizations and its time to retire it.  

Can you sponsor a great food truck?

Sponsor A Meal...

Powered By ? 

Transportation is key, you can only win if you can get to the competition. In order for these organizations to succeed we need trucks and trailers to move the instruments to each training camp and competition. We also need great drivers to help us get there, want to volunteer?

It would be the biggest battery you ever sponsored! Get it? :)

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The Tubas need your support


Our Tubas need your help!  Great musicians need great instruments and we need your help to obtain new tubas for the Raiders horn line.  They are the biggest and most expensive horns in the line, but we can't live without them.

Rock out with the Tubas!

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Sponsor a Horn or Horns


We were able to secure 90% of the horns we needed. The tubas are still needed and we have to pay for all those shiny new horns too.  You can sponsor one, or all the horns. It's up to you! 

We will come play at your next event!

Become a Sponsor ...

We appreciate your consideration of these items and potentially contributing to our organization.  As you can see from the opportunities above, your donation would have significant impact on the program for this and many years in the future and positively affect the lives of hundreds of youth.