Meet The 2020 Raiders Educational and Design Team

To learn more about any of our staff, click or tap on a photo to read a short biography. Stay tuned for more announcements for returning staff and new additions to the team.

Marc Garside

Program Coordinator and Drill Designer

Key Poulan

Brass Arranger/Composer

Travis Peterman

Battery Arranger/Composer

Dan Bryan

Front Ensemble Arranger/Composer

Tommy Van Der Grift

Color Guard Designer and Caption Head

Scott Brown

Brass Caption Head

Alejandro Gallo

Percussion Caption Head

Sandi Tait

Choreographer and Dance Caption Head

Stephen Wales

Visual Caption Head

Tyrell Butler

Brass Technician

Logan Gupta

Brass Technician

Rebecca Voorhees

Brass Technician

Geneviève Gray

Brass Intern

Sean McGivern

Brass Intern

Chris Cossuto

Battery Coordinator and Snare Technician

Morgan House

Snare Technician

Jason Phillips

Quads Technician

Joey Scanlon

Quands Technician

Christian Negri

Bass Technician

Deondre Smiles

Cymbals Technician

Hope Vasquez

Front Ensemble Coordinator

Michael Cheng

Front Ensemble Technician

Spencer Kpakiwa

Front Ensemble Technician

Zach Nash

Electronics Technician

Betty Gupta

Color Guard Technician

Alyssa Hazel

Color Guard Intern

Carisssa Bryant

Visual Technician

Kelly Driscoll

Visual Technician

Amanda Mossman

Visual Technician

Quaid Swiger

Visual Technician

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