Meet The 2022 Raiders Educational and Design Team

To learn more about any of our staff, click or tap on a photo to read a short biography. Stay tuned for more announcements for returning staff and new additions to the team.

Bobby Jones

Program Coordinator and Drill Designer

Key Poulan

Brass Arranger/Composer

Travis Peterman

Battery Arranger/Composer

Dan Bryan

Front Ensemble Arranger/Composer

Tommy Van Der Grift

Color Guard Designer and Caption Head

Terry Pritchard

Brass Caption Supervisor

Alejandro Gallo

Percussion Caption Head

Brian Starace

Visual Caption Head

Danny Matos, Color Guard Instructor
Maria White, Color Guard Instructor
Jacob Allison, Color Guard Instructor
Ali Mellott, Color Guard Instructor
Betty Gupta, Color Guard Instructor
Julia Terry, Brass Technician
Dominic Dawkins, Front Ensemble Coordinator
Matt Soriano, Snare Technician
Tyler Rafanelli, Cymbals Technician
John Grossbauer, Quads Technician
Luke Guthrie, Visual and Brass Technician
Quaid Swiger, Visual and Brass Technician
Destinee Bebout, Visual and Brass Technician
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