Audition for the 2019 Raiders Drum Corps

By auditioning for the 2019 Raiders Drum Corps, you are taking the first step towards an amazing summer drum corps experience. Every season, we start with all positions open and available to those who audition, including brass, percussion, color guard, and drum majors.

If you have any questions about auditioning for the corps, please contact us.

Step One

Learn about the Raiders and create your CorpsData profile.

Read our information online and review our schedule. Join our Facebook group. Complete the form below.

Step Two

Pay the audition fee.

Once you pay the fee, you will communicate with our educational staff, and they will provide audition materials. The materials are available through CorpsData.

We are currently waiving the audition fee!

Step Three

Submit a video audition or attend the next camp.

Submit Your Video Audition

Record your audition and upload your videos to YouTube and mark them as “unlisted” to make sure they remain private. Make note of the links to the videos and submit those links using the form you will see by clicking the link below.

You may submit up to three videos at a time. If your audition is split between more videos, use the same form to add the additional video links.

Register for the Next Rehearsal

The next camp for the full corps is April 26-28. The first round of color guard auditions will be held at this camp, and final placements for brass and percussion will take place.