Raiders Drum Corps Video Auditions

If you can’t attend our auditions in person due to distance, you have the option of submitting a video audition. Our instructors will provide valuable feedback and extend an invitation for you to attend our next Open House, callback camp, or weekend rehearsal, depending on when your videos are received.

If you are within 250 miles of these locations and can attend our auditions or rehearsals in person, we expect you to register to attend.

First, register for video auditions.

In order to audition for the Raiders, the first step is to register. Brass, percussion, color guard, and drum major candidates will receive music and information packets that you will need. For a limited time, there is no video audition fee.

Next, review the requirements and prepare your video.

Review the music and information packet. Find out what your videos should include here.

  • Canzona per sonore no. 2
  • Chord Progression #1 Extension
  • Melodic Dexterity #2
  • A piece of your choosing that you have prepared that showcases your best performance on your instrument
  • Legato: All sections play unison/one drum, entire sequence 120 bpm at 12 inches (at 12 to 4), entire sequence 160 bpm at 9 inches (at 9 to 4)
  • Stick Control Timing: snare as written, quads play arounds, bass drums play unison bass drum part, 112 bpm at 12 inches, 120 bpm at 9 inches
  • Gridz: Triplet Grid 144 bpm (1x check, 1x diddle on down beats), Sixteenth Note Grid 112 bpm (1x check, 1x diddle on down beats_
  • Old School/Variations: all sections play unison/one drum, 2x check (8th note = 200), 2x full roll variation (8th note = 200)

For marimba and vibraphone:

  • 2 Mallet: Dubs at 100 bpm, Green at 100 bpm
  • 4 Mallet: Block Chords at 80 bpm, Permutations at 90 bpm
  • Rhythm: 16th Three Note Timing, with met at 100 bpm
  • Perform a 1-3 minute solo piece that best showcases your talent
  • At least 32 counts of a routine you’re comfortable with that shows your experience with flag and dance/body movement, with music if possible.
  • If you’re interested in a weapons spot, at least 32 counts of a routine on rifle or sabre.

The video requirements are listed in the audition packet you downloaded.

Next, submit your video.

  • There is a a rolling deadline for auditions. We will continue to take video auditions until all open spots in the competitive drum corps are filled. The earlier you submit your videos, the more our instructional staff will be able to work with you and prepare you to participate in the drum corps for the competitive season.
  • Have a friend or family member record your videos with your phone or use a tripod. You can record everything in one video or separate it into several, up to four videos.
  • Upload the videos to YouTube and set them to be Unlisted.
  • Make note of the links to the videos and enter them in the form below.
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