Raiders Volunteers & Support Staff

Our success is due to our dedicated volunteers and support staff.

Parents, alumni, friends, and professionals work together to support the members of the Raiders Drum & Bugle Corps.

A strong team that includes paid positions and volunteers helps us make sure that the members can perform at their best at all times.

Volunteers are always welcome in all areas, and some paid positions are available. Internships for college credit are available as well.

Volunteers and support staff benefit from free meals and housing with the corps, including while on tour.

Food Services

Our volunteers prepare six meals for our members every camp weekend. Our food crew takes care of shopping, preparing, and serving food, as well as managing clean-up (with help from members).

On tour, our chef manages four meals a day on our food truck and works with volunteers to prepare and serve meals and support the nutritional needs of the corps.

Positions Available
  • Chefs (paid/intern/volunteer)
  • Assistant chefs (intern/volunteer)
  • Nutritionists (intern/volunteer)
  • Food volunteers

Health & Safety

The health and safety of our members is the Raiders’ primary concern. We are expanding our health and safety team. Our team manages prevention as well as treatment of minor and major health concerns and injuries.

Everyone throughout the organization contributes in some way to our health and safety team, including food services, operations, and even instructional staff.

Health and safety team members have the appropriate credentials and certifications.

Positions Available
  • Nurses (paid/intern/volunteer)
  • Mental health professionals
  • EMTs (volunteer)
  • Athletic trainers (intern/volunteer)

Member & Camp Logistics

Our weekend rehearsals (camps) run very smoothly thanks to the volunteers, often parents of members, who are available to assist.

These positions often don’t require a commitment. Anyone available at any given time may help in these areas, but it helps to have some advance planning.

Positions Available
  • Registration/check-in
  • Transportation (airport pick-ups, etc.)
  • Food services assistance
  • Camp EMTs
  • Fundraising chair and volunteers
  • Accounting

Tour Logistics

The Raiders enjoys a shorter tour than many other drum corps in the area. This creates a great opportunity for everyone who would like to participate in a drum corps experience but still be home for most of the summer.

Some of these positions will participate in the winter as well.

Positions Available
  • Tour Manager (intern/volunteer)
  • Assistant Tour Manager (intern/volunteer)
  • CDL drivers (paid/volunteer)
  • Other drivers (paid/volunteer)

Media & Communications

Media is a critical function that requires talented and artistic volunteers with experience in photography, videography, and/or social media. Every rehearsal and every day on tour is documented for the public, and we produce videos that showcase the Raiders throughout the season.

Positions Available
  • Social Media Manager (intern/volunteer)
  • Social Media Assistants (volunteer)
  • Photographers/Videographers (volunteer)
  • Public Relations (intern/volunteer)
  • Content Editor (intern/volunteer)


In addition to our kitchen truck, the Raiders travels with a trailer for all of the equipment necessary for our production, including instruments and props. Our “pit crew” is comfortable building modifications to our trailer to increase ease of use as well as safety as well as maintaining and repairing marimba frames, electronics carts, and other equipment.

As called for by our production, there will be opportunities to build and maintain props that are integral to our show. Our equipment crew is for handy people, craftsmen, and anyone ready to take on repairs and equipment logistics, whether at a weekend camp or on tour with the corps.

Uniforms & Costumes

Uniforms and costumes are an essential part of the drum corps’ appearance. The uniform and all its accessories are one of our post important symbols and are shows the greatest respect by our members.

Our uniforms and costumes require organization and upkeep, and every year our members must be fitted to ensure they look their best. A properly-fitted uniform is also an important piece of safety for our members.


Raiders merchandise and souvenirs are available during camp registration on Friday night and Sunday afternoon. Volunteers are needed to unpack, display, and sell merchandise during these times.

Positions Available
  • Merchandise lead (volunteer)
  • Merchandise assistants (volunteer)

Can you join us for an hour, a weekend, or part of our tour?

Limited internship positions are also available on our educational team. Contact a caption head for more information.

Contact us below or talk to our Executive Director, to learn more about how you can become part of our team.

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